Panta Neos is an Athens, Greece-based residential real estate developer. Panta Neos focuses on luxury condominiums located in prestigious areas close to the city center of Athens. For the Golden Visa program, Panta Neos has created a unique investment vehicle that combines its condos with a fixed-income product. It will be giving each investor a guaranteed return with each condo purchase.

In 2018, Panta Neos launches 147 Trikoupi, a rare example of a newly constructed premium building in the region. The development is an eight-minute walk from the city center and is located near major metro and bus lines. The design and quality embody the luxury that Panta Neos’ Golden Visa applicants deserve.




The Greece Golden Visa Program Quick Facts

  • • Introduced in 2013 to encourage investment into Greece
  • • Lowest minimum real estate investment in Europe
  • • EU 250,000 investment in real estate
  • • Investment in one or more properties and can any type of property
  • • Property (commercial or residential) can be rented
  • • Residency for 3-Generation families
  • • Travel freely within Schengen
  • • Immediate permanent residency in Greece for 5 years, renewal every 5 years
  • • No minimum stay requirements
  • • Greek citizenship possible after 7 years of uninterrupted living in Greece

The Golden Visa Program in Greece allows individuals to invest EU 250,000 into real estate and gain residence permit for up to 3 generations of their family. The investor’s parents & parents-in-law, their spouse and their children up to age 21. The initial issuance period is 5 years and is renewable hereafter. Individuals have no minimum stay requirements in Greece to qualify for the residence permit. Though, Greek residents who have 7 years uninterrupted time living in Greece can apply for possible citizenship after the 7 years.

The Greece Golden Visa Program is the lowest minimum investment in real estate in Europe for residency. Just EU 250,000 into any type of real estate and one can gain residency. The application program is relatively quick, with processing time being 2 months or less, and the residency card is renewable after 5 years provided the investment is maintained. Keeping the property and using it as a rental is permissible, so it’s a great investment opportunity with a potential for return.


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